So I've been away for awhile
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I've been hanging on on Google Plus (honestly a huge fucking waste of one ever posts there except Will Wheaton, Felicia Day, and Gabriel Iglesias). And...well, I've been missing you folks.

What are you up to?

Hey, two for two, so far!
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I should have some pics up soon, but I'm really getting serious about losing some of this weight. So, today, I dropped a ton of cash and found a wonderful recumbent bike!

Riding has always been great exercise for me and I'm hoping that it will be once more! My goal is to make it from my house to Springfield by the end of the season.

Something is waking up
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When I walked away from being the one in charge, the one that took it up by the reigns, and who without it all nothing happened, the fat man in the Fedora, a little piece of me died. I wanted the Slam to die because it had died long ago; I just never took the time to recognize it. I just never took the time to walk up with the revolver while it was petting a bunny and squeeze the trigger with tears streaming down my face. But now I realized that it was an even more selfish thing than letting it limp along. For too long I cried, told myself that I was better off for having put it to bed, said that life is a huge relief, and I’d be lying if I told you that I didn’t lie awake, just for a little, every night wondering what if. I walked in when you had nothing and picked up the flaming embers, blew on it a little, and stoked it to a bonfire, and the only thing you can ask me is why did I let the flame go out? I didn’t. You wouldn’t chop wood fast enough. I hate it when someone tells me just because something’s gone or changing that all is lost. Nothing infuriates me more than someone not even giving something else a try, just bitching that it’s not what it once was. If you won’t get off of your ass, then go sit by the cracker barrel and reminisce about the old days. Or, if you want to do something productive, grab an axe, pick a spot, and start swinging. Or, shut the fuck up and get out of my way.

Good morning, Link! I’ve missed you!

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Been trying to keep up on people's updates for Nats. I'm sure they'll be more here soon. It looks like it was a kick-ass time!

I've also just realized that I haven't been to a Nats since 2006.

I need to rectify that little issue.

So I'm here to tell you now. Either on a team or as a spectator/volunteer. I WILL be at the next National Poetry Slam!

But, at this point...I'm really thinking of being there as a participant!

I don't miss the coffee shops
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I hear it all of the time.

Do I miss running the Slam?

I can honestly say, that after almost a decade playing this "game" (which is a freakin' debatable term in and of itself)...that no, I don't miss it at all.

But I miss the people. I think that's what's kept me in Dayton all of this time. And, I know that people were all the time on me about not allowing the Slam to run/dictate my life, but it was like a little family reunion every month.

Seeing the old faces that I hadn't talked to or seen in so long. I think that's why Dayton failed as a scene. Not because of the venues leaving...but this was never really a community. And, for those that know the history around here, it went all of the way back to the half-fake split between the Failed Seekers and the Slam. The Seekers didn't want to have a score put on their "heart and soul" and most of the Slammers thought they took life way too seriously.

Even though that split didn't last long and most of those folks left the area years ago...that dichotomy still lingered...that split between what was present and what could be. Dayton was, and will probably always be a city unlike any other in the Slam Circuit. It's produced some phenomenal writers...some phenomenal jackasses...and more confusion than anyone could ever handle.

Am I mad that it's gone? Fuck yes! I wanted to see it flourish under someone else's banner, just like it had under mine, and I'd still love to see someone attempt to pick it up. But I know that no one ever really will.

So this all goes around to my thoughts of: am I disinterested in Slam, the City, or am I just fucking tired...or am I still mourning over Doug? Have I reached a point in my life that I'm truly ready to move on and simply enjoy the sound of other folks from time to time. Occasionally jumping up on an open mic stage? I must admit that I felt a little of my old energy over at Rust Belt, but I still can't really claim something stirring me beyond my lethargy.

I told Em that it almost...ALMOST make me interested to find a new venue and go from there. But a crumbling foundation needs to be fixed first and I do not possess those tools. We lost one of our most talented crafters and I just don't feel right jumping back into the mix without the sound of his voice. And I know that he'd kick my ass for saying that...but I still have that mindset.

Oh sure, I use the excuse of "I don't have the time" or "I don't want to try and do this alone, again" but, really...I guess that I'm still licking my wounds.

I tried to write a poem stating something like this. How it's fantastic to not be recognized walking down the streets in the Oregon District and to have to pay for my own beers and door charges, but let's be honest, I never gave a damn about that. I only wanted to stand in front of a microphone and make an ass of myself and listen to poetry of all types, forms, and situations. The poem just sorta disintegrated into this post.

Maybe someday, I'll feel like jumping back into the fray. But for now, I don't miss the coffee shop. Just some of the beans inside.

so THAT'S what's up with Florida?!
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R.I.P. Doug Collins
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Good Morning my friends,

It's with a very heavy heart that I'm talking to you today. Some of you have already heard, but I wanted to say something as well.

Dayton has, indeed, lost a great man, poet, and more importantly a friend in Doug Collins.

Authorities found him in his apartment Friday from an apparent heart attack and no foul play is suspected from what I've been told.

Every now and again, we have those individuals that walk into our lives, and change us for the better. Be that through his words, his conversation, or his friendship...Doug was that man.

Doug was a person that very seldom thought of himself first (often carrying around half of his apartment with him) but would turn a "so what's new" conversation into hours of laughter and thought.

He was always first up on the mic, not because he always had to catch the bus, but because you should always start with great poetry and his was some of the best around.

I know, personally, that I am deeply saddened by the loss of such a good friend, and this morning...Dayton just seems a little bit emptier.

No memorial service has been set up as of yet because we're all having difficulty locating any family (but we're close!) and I'll let you know as soon as I have the information.

I know that we'll be putting on a benefit show to help with the expenses.


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Looking for a great night in Dayton?!
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Yeah, I know, it's hard to find sometimes, but I have one starting tonight and tomorrow:

LitFest at the University of Dayton!

It all starts tonight at 7:00pm with a reading from Kathy Fagan and Kwame Dawes in the Sears Recital Hall.

It goes all day tomorrow with the finale being a $200 Slam at ArtStreet!

Now, keep in mind that the Slam does start late: 10:00pm (and I MEAN IT!) But the energy at U-D is always off the scale folks!

For more info, check here:

talking about the Warlock
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I just actually tried to watch a little of Sheen Korner over at UStream. Wow...I'm just too sober for that kind of abuse!

And I thought reading some of the forum fights and poet beefs were childish (for the most part), but this is a whole-new level of stupidity!


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